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Dinky Toys 2 mm (2mm) Diameter and 55mm Length Mild Steel Post-War Wheel Axles [ Each ]
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This is for one replacement "Dinky Toys" very close to the post-war specification wheel axels originally made by Dinky Toys..

The specification used by Dinky Toys Post-War models was British Imperial Wire Gauge 14  (or S.W.G. which was 0.080" or around 2.032mm)

Infact I do not believe that Dinky Toys for a moment were able to keep to this specification as without milling the material the tolerence would have been

"somewhere around this size" in any case here are the replacements made in "Mild Steel" to keep in keeping with "Dinky Toys" and to make the

crimping process easy with this softer metal. "Crimping" to my knowledge is best done using "Mole Grips" though people have differing methods that they

employ to give the effect they desire.If you wish to "Round" the ends i use a pin and ball hammer to do this you may prefer another method.

The axles are cut into 55mm lengths which should be long enough for most of the Post-War Models then you just "Clip them" to length depending on the model you are fitting them to or if you want to match an existing axle in place already on the model as axles are often times bent too!

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Reviewer: Tony Harris from Brundall, Norwich   5 Stars
I have bought quite a few of these for my restorations. They are an ideal lenght. I crimp the ends in a small engineers vice rather than Moles. Like everything from Dinkyclub, they arrive promptly and well packed.

Reviewer: Tony Harris from Brundall, Norwich   0 Stars
I restore 25 series models, and as they are held together by the axles this package is an inexpensive way of re-assembling them. The axles are pre-cut to a useful length. I do not use mole grips for crimping the ends, but a small vice. Like all products from Nigel, they arrive next day and well packaged. This is an excellent firm to deal with.

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