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Dinky Toys 975 Ruston Bucyrus Excavator Boom Brace in Green [ Each ]
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This part is not made by Dinkyclub.com but by Wim van den Berg (Dr_dinky) in the United States

Although Wim is casting a different part in the explanation of the method he used to produce this part you may find the description of interest.

If you decide to buy one of Wims hand made parts please follow up on the "Feedback" section of this or any other product on how you found the product or any improvements you may suggest.

Thank you


I use Alumilite, At this site they explain the product very good. http://alumilite.com/
Basicly You mix silicone and catalist together to a uniform color.
Best is to evacuate the air you stirred in in a vacuum pot, which I don't have. However I had a wine vacuum puller to preserve wine leftover (yah, like that is going to happen!) I cut a bottle in half and made a seal with the modeling clay you use in the mold making and it works!
Most of the time you use two part molds, so you press half the item to be cast in the clay, put a cup of anything like yogurt cup, medicine cup and cut the bottom off. Now you pour the silicone slowly over the part, taking care you don't create airpockets. I use a little halogen lamp to provide some warmth to speed up curing. After is is cured you put the cup in the freezer for a few minutes, because the clay is now warm from curing and is kind of gooey. When cold it is hard and so it is easier to separate from the silicone. Put the part back in the silicone mold, put the silicone in the cup you just used, apply liberally rubber mold release. Cut a little notch in the silicone, so that you can locate the two parts later when casting. Now you are ready to pour another batch of silicone on top of this.
After curing, you pop the mold out of the cup, separate the halves, remove the part and now you have the mold to start casting.
You need a small electronic scale, because you have to measure equal parts of the two resins to be combined . That is critical otherwise you end up with uncured resin.

The Silicone mold material is about $30 and the resin is $36.
But is does perform well. I do use to cut little channel in the mold to vent. This is useful as the resin tends to expand a bit.
I reaction between the two components it created some gas. To get rid of that they recomment vacuuming to, but you have only seconds before it starts to set, therefore I have only time to make one thing at the time. It is time consuming as there is a lot of cleaning up to do. And some don't come out good. The thing I found is that you have to let the resin flow in the mold so that it can't trap air. I painting the parts the paint does not like to cover the little holes and so I usually clearcote them several times and sand in between. Even the mass produced parts from other Suppliers you have to do that sometimes.
But in the end it is exciting to see a part come out of the mold which was just some goop a few minutes ago.
Oh, and the parts are very strong, but real thin parts can break.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Wim van den Berg (Dr_dinky)

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