Dinky Toys Computer Matched Brush Paint 50ml Paints

It must be remembered when repainting Diecast models that the paints used originally were allowed a formula that is prohibited from use today.  For this reason there is quite often a definite hue change in the original colouring.  Although these paints are prepared to be as near a match as is possible, it is always best to paint a test patch to the actual model to be repainted.
It is also worth noting that many of these models have been subjected to bright light that has faded the pigment in the colour thus producing a shade that cannot be reproduced.  We do not advise touching in paint on near Mint models.
For brush painting use straight from the bottle with a quality modellers brush, cover the area quickly and evenly avoiding repeating brush strokes over painted areas and allow to dry in a warm dust-free position. To spray paint through an air-brush system, add up to 50% thinners.

Do not return thinned paint back to bottles.

Always shake the bottle well before use.

We recommend you always use primer first on bare metal castings.
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Dinky Toys Computer Matched Brush Paint 50ml Paints
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