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This is for a pack of 10 (Ten) replacement "Dinky Toys" very close to the pre-war specification wheel axels originally made by Dinky Toys..

The specification used by Dinky Toys Pre-War models was British Imperial Wire Gauge 16  (or S.W.G. which was 0.064" or around 1.626mm)

Infact I do not believe that Dinky Toys for a moment were able to keep to this specification as without milling the material the tolerence would have been

"somewhere around this size" in any case here are the replacements made in "Mild Steel" to keep in keeping with "Dinky Toys" and to make the

crimping process easy with this softer metal. "Crimping" to my knowledge is best done using "Mole Grips" though people have differing methods that they

employ to give the effect they desire.

I cut the axles in 40mm lengths which should be long enough for any of the Pre-War Models then you just "Clip them" to length depending on the model you

are fitting them to for instance a Pre-War Dinky Toys 35 Series will take a shorter axle than a Pre-War Dinky Toys 39 Series model.

So each purchase is for a pack of 10 Axles enough to do 5 models!


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Dinky Toys Mild Steel Pre-War Wheel Axles (Price for a Pack of 10)

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Product Code: TRAY218A

Replacement Mild Steel axles for Dinky Toys models made pre-war.


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