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Corgi Toys Original Boxed ModelsCorgi Toys Original Boxed Models
Dinky Toys Original Empty BoxesDinky Toys Original Empty Boxes
Original Cococub Figures
Original Dinky Toys / Meccano DocumentsOriginal Dinky Toys / Meccano Documents
Original Dinky Toys Dolly VardenOriginal Dinky Toys Dolly Varden
Original Model Tyres ( Tires )Original Model Tyres ( Tires )
Original Model Tyres ( Tires ) Hubs,wheelsOriginal Model Tyres ( Tires ) Hubs,wheels
Original Parts Breakers YardOriginal Parts Breakers Yard
Original Plastic,lead,rubber FiguresOriginal Plastic,lead,rubber Figures
Original Tri-ang Pressed Steel Parts
Original parts for replacing missing or damaged parts from Tri-ang pressed steel models.
Pelham Puppets , Others makes and spare parts.
There are many ranges in Pelham Puppets but the main ones are The LS range 12 inch puppets with half wooden ball feet, wooden heads and waxed string holding the parts together. The SS range, similar to the LS range but with wooden toggle feet and screw eyes holding the body together. The SL range, usually with moulded heads and either held together with string or screw eyes. The SM range with moving mouths usually made from larger wooden balls for heads but some have moulded heads. The JC range, a smaller simpler puppet intended for younger children. The Jumpette range, smaller puppet again, much simpler and intended for infants and toddlers. The A or Animal usually non anthropomorphic versions of animals. The Minipup a range of smaller animal puppets. The WH range, same size puppets as junior control pelham puppets except these tended to have larger heads and were the first pelham puppets to have printed faces. The Vent range, a simple ventriloquist puppet range of pelham puppets made from 1968 onwards. Pelham Puppets also made puppets to order for the professional market and have been used by various companies in their shows. These tend to be larger than the 12 inch puppets ranging anywhere from 18" to 2'6"
Small Collections Models for RestorationSmall Collections Models for Restoration

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123 Tri-ang RC  Mini Hi Way Silverstone racer decal set
123 Tri-ang RC Mini Hi Way Silverstone racer decal set