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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 products

1. To raise and lower the boom place a knot on the end of a 4 foot length of waxed string.
2. Thread the string through the hole in the shaft on the rear crank and give the crank a few turns.
3. The cable goes over the top of the small pulley above the cranks and up to the 3 large pulleys at the end of the boom. Thread it under the centre large boom pulley and back to the shaft that the small pulley rides on.
4. There are 2 small holes in the shaft on either side of the small pulley thread the cable through the hole closest to the crane cab and tie a knot.

5. At this point you can turn the rear crank to raise the boom, make final adjustments to the required length by moving the knot. I like to have 4 or 5 turns of cable showing on the crank shaft when the boom is completely lowered. When the knot is where you want it trim off the excess cable.

6. To rig the hook place a knot on a 4 foot length of waxed string and thread it through the hole in the front crank and give it a few turns.
7. Thread the cable over the top of the large boom pulley on the right [cab side] and let it hang down. Thread the cable through the very small pulley on the hook then take it back up over the top of the left side large boom pulley and back to the small pulley shaft.
8.  Thread the cable through the remaining hole on the small pulley shaft and tie a knot. 

Note:-You should be able to have the boom completely lowered without the hook hitting the large pulleys, the adjustment for the length of the hook cable is done moving by the knot.

Hope this is of some use, I tried to describe it for someone who is not familiar with the crane. Here are some photos.

Best regards 


A set of 2 Tri-ang Junior " Tri-ang Transport " decals printed in Black , Gold and Red colours on a White background on "Clear material"

Our metal replacement headboards for the Tri-ang Junior Lorry series.

Available in Grey primer or fully finished painted headboards in either Red , Blue or Green  ready to pop onto your model.

Provided is a " Peel and Stick " Tri-ang " Logo which is included with each headboard ( You may wish to put your own decal or none at all so we provide it as a choice for you to fit or not when you receive the headboard.

Also, some Customers like to receive the headboard only in Grey primer​​ so they can finish the headboard off in a colour alternative they have plans for in which case you can choose the " Grey Primer " colour.

Headboard size approximately 25mm x 80mm roof drop legs 12mm

A Rigging Guide for the 1947 DCMT Crescent Fire Engine Fitting new cords to your fire escape.

We can supply sets of three of the fire men if you are missing yours ( see attached " related products " below. )

We can also supply the firemen painted ( available from the 3rd Week of February 2023 )