Tri-ang Pedal Cars

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Tri-ang Pedal Cars
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20 Dashboard decal for several Tri-ang Pedal cars.

No. 20  Tri-ang Dashboard 

Waterslide decal

292 Tri-ang Flying Squad Pedal White Vinyl car decal set

292 .Tri-ang Pedal car 

Flying Squad decal set 

4 x VINYL WHITE decals

2 x Flying Squad decal

2 x Police decal

Includes application Instructions

293AA  Tri-ang Tri-etta ( Trietta ) Pedal scooter decal set

No. 293AA Tri-ang Tri-etta ( Trietta )

Pedal Scooter decal set 

Comprising of 4 Decals:-

2 x Tri-etta rear side Waterslide decals

2 x Tr-ang front side Made in England Peel and Stick decals.

35A Tri-ang Royal Prince (RED)

Set No. 35A  Tri-ang Pedal car Royal Prince RED 

3 Waterslide decals

Comprising of:-

2 x Royal Prince Waterslide decals

1 x Arrow Waterslide decal 


1 x Tri-ang Made in England Peel and Stick decal 

1 x Lubication Peel and Stick decal